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Tri-TESOL Conference planning committee
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Almost the entire work of putting together and running the Tri-TESOL Conference is done by board members of WAESOL, ORTESOL and BC TEAL as well as by member volunteers. Please remember that the conference leaders and board members all have regular jobs. We do this to support our profession and to serve you.

Conference Chair

  • Kimberly Russel, 2015 WAESOL President
Assistant Chairs
  • Bevin Taylor, WAESOL Past President, 2015 TESOL Liaison
  • Shawna Williams, 2015 BC TEAL President
  • Eric Dodson, 2015 ORTESOL President
Conference Planning Team Members
  • Nathan Hall, BC TEAL member (social media coordinator)
  • Michelle Roth, WAESOL Board
  • Ron Belisle, WAESOL member (web and database master)
Conference Proceedings
  • Joe Dobson, BC TEAL Board
  • Dr. Martha Savage, WAESOL Board
Conference Treasurer
  • Dr. Joan Johnston Nelson, WAESOL Board