Instructions to Presenters

Check back for updates, especially a few days before the conference.

Welcome to Tri-TESOL 2015 - Transcending Boundaries and Interweaving Perspectives

Thank you for your willingness to share your time and expertise with members from WAESOL, ORTESOL and BC TEAL at this year's Tri-TESOL Conference. We hope the experience will be a rewarding one for you as well. Below is some important information to help your presentation go smoothly. Information is sometimes updated on this page, so please check back for updates, especially a day or two before the conference. Click Instructions to poster presenters for information if you are a poster presenter instead.

General information

  • Update, 9/27/2015: Presenters should check in at the main registration table, where they will receive their presenter packet.  There will be a presenter check-in table on Friday and Saturday in Building 8 in addition to the registration check-in table. This will contain instructions about how to use the computer equipment in your classroom, a password for the classrooms desktop, as well as a presenter certificate for you and any co-presenters if applicable.
  • The registration table will be in the Student Union (Building 8). On Friday, the registration table will be in the Mt. Skokomish room on the second floor (there will be signs guiding you there once you're in the building, and some signs outside). On Saturday, the table will be on the second floor lobby of the Student Union.
  • Your room assignment will be posted in the program schedule and online HERE.
  • All presenters must register for the conference.
  • Tri-TESOL does NOT reimburse presenters for expenses nor provide handout copies, pens, markers, paper, white boards, flip charts, nor miscellaneous supplies.
  • There are approximately 20-25 sessions scheduled for each concurrent session time slots. We are expecting to have 500-600 attendees each day. Not all attendees are in sessions at the same time. Some come later and some leave early and some hang out in the exhibitors' area, or chat with colleagues. The planning committee has no way of estimating how many handouts you will need to prepare for your own session, but based on this information, you can estimate yourself.
  • If you would like to get feedback from those who attend, please provide your own evaluation and take a few moments at the end of your session for people to complete it and return it to you. The conference planners are not able to do that for you.
  • Finally, before the conference, we ask that you email your handout (and/or your presentation slides) in order to share them online with conference attendees. Please send handouts via email (include your name, the name of any co-presenters, and the presentation title) to Eric Dodson, at:
    • Please email us your presentation handout in one of these formats. 
      • PDF (This is preferred since it’s easier for mobile devices like smart phones to download and view.)
      • PowerPoint
      • Word

Room information

  • All presentation rooms with details (follow this link). 
  • You may check your assigned room any time from 12:30-1 pm on Friday, and any time prior to 7:50 am on Saturday (Click HERE for your time and room assignment.)
  • If you choose to change the furniture arrangement in your room, please return all tables, desks, and chairs to their original position for the next presenter.

Technology information

  • All presentation rooms at Highline include:
    • a PC desktop computer connected to the Internet: Username: Presenter  • Password: Tribal013
    • a ceiling mounted LCD projector pointed to a large screen
    • speakers via the desktop computer
    • a doc cam
    • a white board
    • a dedicated set up for connecting personal laptop via Ethernet to the Internet and to projector and/or speakers (cables are marked)
    • All conference guests are welcome to use the GUEST_CONNECT wireless login via HCC_WEB_PORTAL. Username : HCGUEST. Password: Rankine428
    • Save all of your presentation documents on a USB flash drive and bring it with you for presentation. (It's NOT a good idea to email your files to yourself and use them for your presentation. The files from email might not open properly.)
    • If you plan to connect your Mac laptop to a room projector, please bring your own white VGA adapter.
    • Each room has instructions posted by the computer for how to use the LCD projector.
    • If you need help, please call 206-878-3710 ext. HELP (4357) or 4357 from any campus phone (there should be one in the classroom).
    • When dealing with technology, it's always a good idea to have a backup plan, such as bringing paper copies or making a CD copy of a PowerPoint or on a USB memory stick and/or emailing yourself your presentation.
  • Thank you again for providing professional development for colleagues in our field. We hope you enjoy the day, and we hope to see you again next year! If you have further questions, please contact the Tri-TESOL chairs at: